The New Zealand T’ai Chi Association has been an incorporated society since 2008 and through its principal instructor Eddie Tan has been teaching and furthering the principles and practical application of T’ai Chi since the late 80’s.  As well as offering classes within the Auckland & Hamilton, Waikato region, NZTCA  seeks to foster and create the positive influence and associations that T’ai Chi allow and endorses.

Been practicing Tai Chi for up-ton years. Importance is the quality rather than quantity of the practice. A Beautiful Art with magical moments & bliss that correct practice brings forth. Come embark on a journey of discovery & fulfillment.

Eddie Tan



“At Eddie Tan’s Tai Chi classes, a student will work in close contact with others. The emphasis is on co-operation leading to the ability to trust and so come into closer harmony with others.  This is no empty principle; it is a working philosophy which occupies a full part of all training sessions.”

  • Marion M. Evans

“Ëddie Tan has been practicing this art since childhood and teaching it for many years. His classes are based on a thorough knowledge of Tai Chi – not just the dance-like “form” which is the better known aspect.  They encompass the full range of exercises, from meditation and breathing to the more difficult “sword” and “Chen”routines, which take some years to perfect.”

  • M A Priest (Mrs)

“Tai Chi to me was very easy to learn and beneficial to me in more than one way.

  1. Helping with everyday stress management.
  2. With the lowering of the stress level, I have better control over my EPILEPSY, (I have fewer attacks in a week)”
  • T W Briggs (Mr)

“I have a damaged right knee which is becoming quite arthritic and T’ai Chi really helps develop the muscles around the knee which gives me relatively pain free movement.”

  • Barbara Chamberlain (Mrs)

“Tai Chi has helped me adjust and feel less pain as well as strengthening my back and hip muscles after surgery.  So continue with daily exercises of Tai Chi.”

  • May Daly

“For me I find doing Tai Chi great to help with my balance and coordination.  Especially with me surviving a head and neck injury.”

  • Walter Risi