For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using simple flowing movements, breathing and 
concentration to achieve 
mental, emotional and physical balance. This exercise is called Tai Chi.
Children of all ages love the movements imitating animals and nature. Everywhere is the world children love the relaxation, imitation, visualization and imagination involved in Tai Chi. It feels good inside and out. Tai Chi works on the inside of the body and helps us feel peaceful and focused. Tai Chi enhances creativity, calmness, concentration and ability to work together is amazing for kids. It becomes easier to find self-control. We begin to understand our needs and emotions and to anticipate a feeling that is building in us. Pretending to be an animal moving peacefully in nature takes us away from the noisy, hectic pace of daily life.
The flowing, gentle, movements, relaxation, visualization and breathing make all the difference. Children who do Tai Chi just 10 minutes a day feel less stress. Adults can do it too and release their stress.
Imagine a classroom where students practice Tai Chi regularly. There is an atmosphere of calm focus and cooperation. Limited studies have shown that on the days kids do Tai Chi everything works better. These students develop the self-confidence they need to find success. They are flexible and balanced, free of excessive fears and anxiety. Kids with special needs such as ADD, ADHD, autism, poor concentration, low energy and other disabilities can improve their focus and self-control, their ability to relate to others, to stay on target with their work and believe in themselves.

Isn’t it wonderful that we have a tool to help us deal with the ever-increasing level of stress in our lives? Isn’t it even better that now we can share it with our children?


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